Align Yourself for Long-Term Health

It’s sometimes called an adjustment and sometimes a manipulation, but the result is the same. Your spinal vertebrae can become misaligned, called a subluxation, and an adjustment is used to help encourage them to return to proper alignment. During an adjustment, your chiropractor applies a controlled force to an area of your spine that frees the vertebrae from their incorrect position and allows them to move back into proper alignment.

Sometimes, the muscles around the vertebrae pull the vertebrae back out of alignment. It may take several adjustments before the vertebrae stay in their proper place. Through regular adjustments, you can encourage your spine to stay in alignment.

Think of it like your regular dental appointment. You go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned to avoid cavities and other serious issues down the road. In the same way, you should see your chiropractor on a regular basis to help avoid injury, nerve damage and pain and to promote your overall, long-term health.