Ashii/Ashiatsu Massage

Ashii/Ashiatsu Massage is an Asian barefoot massage. Ashi means foot, and atsu means pressure. Oils and lotion are applied to the body, and soft, clean, bare feet give a rhythmic and deep Swedish massage. Parallel bars are overhead, used for the therapist’s balance and control.

How is Ashii/Ashiatsu different?

Ashii/Ashiatsu is distinctly separate and unique in comparison to Shiatsu or traditional Ashiatsu. Ashii/Ashiatsu is not performed on a futon or floor mat with the head turned to the side, but on a massage table with a face cradle. With Ashii/Ashiatsu, the feet are used in line with standard Western massage fundamentals and anatomy. Ashii/Ashiatsu works because the pressure you are able to deliver with your feet is greater, and less painful at the same time.