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Move It & Lose It

As sun begins to shine more often, kick-start your spring fitness routine and add a daily walk to your schedule. Long or short, a simple walk can be enough to boost your mood, tone your lower body, and improve overall cardiovascular health.

Start by setting a goal for yourself.

  • Walk 3 days a week during your lunch break; or
  • Train for a 5k walk (or run!) using a “Couch to 5k” plan, or other similar training plan.

Check in with your walking gear.

  • How long have you had your shoes? Replacement times vary with each person, but, generally, you should get new shoes every 300-500 miles.
  • Do your shoes offer proper cushioning and support? Talk with your chiropractor to help assess the fit of your shoe.

 Get your move on!

  • Use a standard calendar or fitness app to track your progress each day. As you see the time and distance piling up, you will feel even more motivated to stick with it and meet your goal.
  • Ask a friend to join you! It’s much easier to stay on track when you are accountable to another person.

Remember, whenever you introduce a new fitness routine to your body, begin slowly to avoid risk of injury. Give your body time to adjust to a new level of activity, recognizing when you need to take a break or consult a professional.


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3 Healthy Habits for You & Your Spine

Regular adjustments are one piece to maintaining a healthy spine, but what you do on your own time plays an important role, too.

Sleep. Your body needs the downtime to rest, repair, and recover from the activities of the day. And it’s not just about how much you sleep, but also how you sleep. Your mattress and pillows may be contributing to aches and pains, or spinal misalignment. You should sleep on a supportive mattress and find a pillow that properly supports your neck. Not sure what all that means? Talk with your chiropractor about what types of pillows and mattresses may be best for your body.

Hydrate. Grab your water bottle, fill it, refill it, and keep drinking from it all day long. The discs in your spine consist largely of water, which allows them to act as cushions to absorb spinal stress. If a disc begins to lose water, it begins to shrink. The disc then becomes unable to absorb stress, which can lead to loss of movement or pain. By keeping your body hydrated, the discs stay healthy and keep your spine flexible.

Exercise. You know it. We know it. Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps regulate your weight. The fewer extra pounds you carry around all day, the less stress is placed on your spine. This in turn reduces your risk of injury. Exercise also encourages the flow of nutrients within the spine and keeps your joints flexible.

If you feel like you need improvement in all three areas, try focusing on just one healthy habit each week (or even each month) so that you have the time and energy to really make the change in your routine.

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Stay Well Soon

It’s easy to remember to see the doctor or drink extra fluids when you are sick, but we all find it much more difficult to take good care of ourselves when everything seems to be going well. However, the more you focus on making healthy choices every day, the more you can avoid future injury or re-injury down the road.  Regular chiropractic care is just one step you can make towards a healthier everyday life.

Your spine houses and protects your spinal cord. The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that regulates your body functions. These nerves are very sensitive to pressure. As you move (or don’t move) throughout the day, your spinal vertebrae can become misaligned, which can put pressure on your spinal cord. This pressure can lead to injury or other conditions like chronic headaches or intestinal distress.

Through regular spinal examinations and adjustments, you can help prevent spinal misalignments that may interfere with your body functions. This will help keep your spine flexible, increase your energy level, and foster a healthier nervous system, which in turn reduces your risk of injury. Regular care also allows your chiropractor to catch small problems before they become large and potentially serious issues. It can also help you decrease your reliance on pain and other medications.

If you have a very physical job or a history of injury, poor posture, or chronic headaches or illness, consider adding regular adjustments to your routine to help boost your overall health. When you combine regular adjustments with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, you set yourself up to stay well.

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