Supplements and Nutrition

According the FDA[1], supplements are vitamins, minerals, or other substances including herbals, botanicals, amino acids, or enzymes. Supplements may be used to help ensure that your body receives all the essential nutrients it needs to function well. So the question becomes, what supplements might you need?

As you enter different phases of your life, your nutritional needs may change. By introducing certain supplements into your routine, you can help avoid nutritional deficits that may slow or impair the healthy functioning of your body. Upston Chiropractic Wellness Center carries an affordable line of Shaklee nutritional products.

Dr. Upston can work with you to assess what supplements may be helpful for you to reach optimal health. We regularly carry a broad variety of Shaklee products, so that you can get started on a healthier lifestyle without delay. For more information on what supplements are available, please visit the Shaklee website “Healthy Nutrition” section.

Contact Dr. Upston today to determine which supplements may be right for you!